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Japanese Restaurant
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EST. | 2017

Wagyu Japanese BBQ 

Friends, Family and an Unique Dining Experience


A Traditional Japanese Yakiniku Experience

Japanese Restaurant Entrance

Wagyu Japanese BBQ is a dining experience unlike any that Oklahoma has ever seen before.

In Japanese, Yakiniku translates to “grilled meat” and it’s also the style of BBQ you’ll experience here.

 Walk into our modern dining room and relax in our cozy yet sleek booths

with an imported Japanese grill at the center of each table, and this is where your amazing experience begins. Our choice cut meat or seafood will complement your meal with our Chefs-prepared items like appetizers, ramen noodles, or desserts.

Your server will guide you through your grill options

and how to safely cook each item to perfection. We’ll set you up with sauces and marinades crafted in-house for all you need to create a culinary masterpiece.


Business Hours

LUNCH 11 AM-3:00PM
DINNER 3:00PM-10:00PM

Friday- Saturday



Please contact us by phone to
make a reservation at 405-285-9796


Please email us to leave feedback to help us grow. Thank you!
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